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"Very pleased with the service and installation. Wayne tested our water and proved all the necessary product information for us to make a decision. Larry installed the equipment efficiently and effectively; even aligned the unit in the garage to be less obtrusive. Job well done." - Dave
"I have been using this company for years to service my culligan water softener. The machine finally stopped working so I got a quote from Ecowater for a new system. I loved how they did not pressure me to buy and made sure I felt comfortable with the decision I made. I did get a new system from Ecowater after getting more quotes. I have had it for about three months now and when they called to check on me i was so impressed with all they have done i decided to post a review." - John
"Really like the guy that came out to test my water, he was very knowledgeable about water types and plumbing. My water has a rotten egg smell and a rust color. The machine I purchased from them has been in for about 3 weeks now and I can't imagine why I did get one sooner. The smell and the color are both gone. My Wife is soo much happier with it. The best part is that the machine doesn't need any chemicals or salt. Over all a great company with a great product." - Frank
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