Frequently Asked Questions

Why does soft water make my skin feel slippery?

I live in the city. Since they treat the water, does that mean my water is already soft?

How can I treat my well water?

How does a water softener operate?

How do I determine the right softener for my home?

My softener isn’t using much salt.

I filled the salt, but the light is still blinking and the screen still says to add salt.

Why is there water in my salt tank?

My remote display shows question marks instead of numbers.

Efficiently Run Softeners Do Not Hurt Septic Tank

The city treats my water so it’s safe to drink. What more do I need?

I’m worried about bacteria in my drinking water. How can I be sure it’s removed?

My water tastes fine. Why would I need a drinking water system?

How often do the filters have to be changed?

The water from my Reverse Osmosis System has a taste to it.

What are some common home water problems?

What is the right system for my water problems?