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Most municipalities treat water by using chlorine to kill bacteria. Call us to make sure your water is safe.
City Water
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Wells should be checked every year for mechanical problems, cleanliness, and the presence of coliform bacteria, nitrates, and any other contaminants of local concern.
Well Water
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Get rid of the toxic water in your home by calling us. You and your loved ones deserve to drink contaminate free water!
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Drinking 5-8 glasses of water a day is very beneficial for seniors. Let us make your water safe and pure.
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We are dedicated to helping you without hurting your bank account. We offer affordable water treatment.

Residential Water Solutions

EcoWater of Central Florida is a full service water treatment company from diagnosis to solution. With a state certified water testing lab on site and trained water testing technicians, we go above and beyond to properly determine the quality of your water and the causes of your water problems so that we may offer the exact water treatment necessary for the desired results.
We provide a full suite of residential water care services and products including water analysis, water conditioning, water refining, reverse osmosis and salt, water softeners, and water filters. In addition, we provide parts and service for most major water filtration and treatment systems which are available for pickup or delivery throughout Ocala, FL, Gainesville, FL, The Villages, FL, Leesburg, FL and surrounding areas.
And we don’t stop there! Our service department is here to help with any maintenance or repairs that may be needed with your water treatment equipment, even if you didn’t purchase it from us. Included with the deliveries of salt, chlorine or filters, is a quick inspection of your equipment so that a trained set of eyes can make you aware of potential issues.

If you believe you need service or a delivery simply CONTACT US at one of our convenient locations and we will promptly set up a call and address your need as soon as possible. One of our trustworthy and knowledgeable service technicians will be able to correct your problem in no time.
Here are some of the services that we provide:
  • Free In Home Water Analysis
  • New System Installation And If Necessary Removal Of Old System
  • Service/Repair/Maintenance On Many Makes And Models
  • Rental Units
  • Filter Changes Of Reverse Osmosis And Pre/Post Filters
  • Delivery Of Salt
Financing Available. Ask about our Veterans Discounts, and thank you for your service.
Service Special
$49.95 for 10 point Inspection,
includes up to 2 bags of salt